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About Us

Registering a company through Exchequer Business Services is competitively priced, with a variety of packages on offer starting from as low as £39.00. All of our company formation packages will give you full trading ability along with all of the official documentation you will need; at a price which is cheap enough to warrant registering to protect your company name for future use even if you don’t intend to start trading straight away.

 Why choose us?

From our experience of working with accountants and solicitors around the country we have identified other products that new business will require during their first year of operation and as such we provide links to our preferred suppliers: click here

In an increasingly competitive environment and with an increasing demand for high levels of customer service, the need to deliver fast solutions for demanding business people is paramount to our industry. With this in mind, Exchequer Business Services provides company formations which can be completed electronically and forwarded direct to your email account.

There are no minimum order quantities and our comprehensive company registration packages contain no hidden extra charges.

If you are a professional advisor and are wishing to incorporate more than one company then please contact us to apply for a credit account. For more details regarding our credit account, please click here