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Strategic Partners

From our experience of working with accountants and solicitors around the country we have identified other products that new business will require during their first year of operation and as such we provide links to our preferred suppliers: 

Banking Through Barclays Bank

Barclays is one of the leading banks specialising in helping new business start ups and therefore have a dedicated resource to meet this requirement.  

Mobile Telephone Communications Through O2

Exchequer understand the importance of mobile communication in today's fast paced society, therefore we have negotiated excellent tariffs for new businesses to obtain the maximum value for all your mobile needs.

Accountancy Through Our Preferred Network

As professionals we have close links with accountancy firms across the UK who operate to the same professional standards as ourselves and these are affiliated to the AVN  and 2020 networks.

Voice Over IP Through Intosolutions Limited

Intosolutions provide cost effective and infinately scalable telecommunications using broadband which enables the transition from home to office via internet usage. Intosolutions operate with national companies as well as smaller enterprises.

Printing Through Print Direct (UK) Limited

Now that your have got your limited company it is important that your company brand is developed and working with a reputable printers who can provide ideas and templates is essential in order to keep costs under control.  Exchequer have negotiated discounted rates for its clients with Print Direct (UK) Limited.

Business Finance Through The Business Advice Centre Limited

When starting your new venture it is essential that you have adequate finance in place as well as protecting your key assets which are your personnel incase of illness or death so that your dependants are not left with significant liabilies and this is where The Business Advice Centre comes into its own.

Website Design Through Mashbo Limited

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